Bichon frise is a smaller dog that is known to be intelligent and a good family dog. If you are looking for a dog to help protect the household, you might want to consider a different dog since bichon’s are known to be on the friendlier side of dogs. They are easy to train and due to their smaller size, they’re great for people who live in the city or in apartments. They are also known to work well with children and other dogs, making them ideal for almost any situation.

The great thing about bichons is their hypoallergenic coat. Their fur is white and usually plush and velvety to the touch. A lot of people love grooming their bichon with a rounded head feature that helps show off their eyes and nose. A bichon’s coat is also usually really curly, meaning less shedding for one thing and while it can grow long, it will most likely not touch the ground.

If you want to get a bichon, or have one, and would love to start grooming it, here are some of our favorite looks that will make your pup stand out from the crown of a million other bichons.


Having your bichon on the longer side means they will have fluffy hair for days. Their curly hair will be extra noticeable and it gives off an adorable appearance. You can tidy the face up if you want to keep your bichon’s fur on the fluffier side.


While the rest of your dog’s fur can be trimmed, have some fun and keep the fur on the crown on their head long and poofed. It gives them a fun and unique look that you can add accessories to or just stare at if you wanted.

Round Face

This is a typical style for a bichon. You keep their coat on a slightly longer side and round out all the fur around their face. It helps show off their eyes and nose since the two colors are vastly different. While the look is amazing it does take constant grooming.

Round Everywhere

You can even take the roundness up a notch and round out their paws and body, as well as their head. This is a look that you will see more for show dogs and will require constant grooming since their fur will always grow out of the look often.


Having your bichon’s fur a little longer gives them a shaggy appearance. Not only does it include their heads but also their legs and paws. The look is adorable and the only maintenance you need to worry about is their face.

Fluffed Noggin

You can choose the best of both worlds when it comes to your bichon. Let their coat on their body stay short but let the fur on the tops of their heads grow out. You can shape this fur however you prefer and it gives your dog a fun and unique look.

Less Fluff

Not all bichons have extremely fluffy fur, sometimes they can be a little wavy and less fluffy. This coat is equally as adorable as the curly coat but takes a little more caring because it can become tangled and knotted a little more easily.


You might really like the look of a full haired bichon and we say go for it. The longer the dome fur of your bichon is, the closer they are going to look like a cloud. Make sure to ask your groomer to trim the edges of their fur so it constantly grows circular.


While it isn’t the standard look for a bichon, some people do choose to shave theirs down. This gives them less fur to play with and takes away all of their fluff. Having a shaved bichon is still adorable, they’re fur is just a lot easier to maintain on your own.

Top Knot

If your bichon has looser fur, you can totally have them rock a little top knot on the top of their head. The style is perfect when it comes to a bichon and since they have so much hair on the top of their head it works out perfectly for their look.

Shorter Curly Hair

Keeping your bichon’s hair on the shorter side will help show off their curl attire better. Their fur doesn’t have to be completely shaved down, but instead a shorter medium length. If you like a little fur on your bichon this is the perfect look for them.

Flower Ears

Another popular look with a bichon is keeping their head on the rounded side but making it a little shorter and making their ears stand out more. While their fur is on the shorter side, they will still need to visit the groomer often, which they may dislike.

Shaggy Bichon

Your bichons fur might not be super curly, and instead a little shaggy. They still have that beautiful white color but they look like the curl effect. A bichon still looks adorable like this and can still rock the rounded features that a lot of owners love doing with their bichons.

Normal Trim

Keep your bichons fur on the normal side and go for a standard trim. This means their face and head aren’t necessarily groomed into a rounded shape and they follow the natural look of their coat. Their fur can still stay longer but well maintained and cleaned up.

Simple Look

You don’t need to go crazy with your bichon look. Instead you can give them baths and easy times to make their coat simple to maintain and take care of. While it isn’t the standard for a bichon it is still equally as adorable.

Rounded Chest

Besides giving your bichon a round face, you can also choose to round out their chest features. It matches the round face well but leaves the rest of the body and lets out of it. It is also the perfect excuse to give your dog a bow tie.

Triangle Feature

Step outside the box and instead of going round, go with a triangle look. This look is a little more unique and a lot of fun to try out of your bichon. If you want to keep the look then you need to make sure your dog goes to the groomer often.

Competition Look

If you have a bichon that you think you’ll show, be prepared for them to look like this. The dog almost looks like a toy with how it is groomed and while it is a stunning look, it takes a lot of time and work to achieve it.


Go with a longer look to keep the puff look to your bichon. This keeps their face on the rounded side and their body trimmed but fluffed out. It is another look that requires a lot of time and grooming but well worth it.

Short and Sweet

Make your life easier with a short and sweet cut on your bichon. This style is a shorter coat for your bichon and easy to maintain and groom yourself. It keeps the fur out of your bichon’s eyes and it keeps the fur around their mouth also to a minimum.


Take your rounded bichon look to a whole different level with this halo feature. It makes their rounded style double in size and gives them a halo, or a lion’s mane look. The style is incredible and worth a shot if you love it.

Bichons are clearly fun dogs to groom and really explore what you want to do with their style. While it is standard to have a bichon with a rounded face and longer fur, there are a lot of options you can choose from when heading to the groomer with your bochon. Have fun with their look and make your bichon have a style of their own.

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