You might not think that your chihuahua needs to get a haircut, but there might be some surprising information about chihuahuas and grooming you didn’t know about. We all know a chihuahua when we see them. Typically they are known to be a little louder in situations, even though they are on the smaller side of dog breeds. The chihuahua is the national symbol of Mexico and they have a huge personality packed into their tiny bodies. They are more known as a “purse dog” due to their small size and ability to be carried everywhere. Terriers are the closet type of dog to a chihuahua and their apple sized head is a common trait for them.

While most of us are used to seeing your standard chihuahua with a smooth, short coat, there are varieties of longer haired chihuahuas that might shock you. Depending on what you’re looking for with your dog, the shorter coat chihuahua might work better for your lifestyle. If you choose to go for the longer hair chihuahua, then the grooming and upkeep will be a little harder for the owner.

Choosing a grooming style for your chihuahua might have not even crossed your mind at one point. Fortunately we have your breakdown on what styles and looks will work best for your chihuahua, read on to learn more.

Medium Length

Find a good in between with your longer haired chihuahua and choose a medium length. The grooming will be a little easier to maintain and their fur will most likely not touch the ground. You still get the fluff of a longer furred chihuahua without all the upkeep.

Short but Fluffy

Even if your dog is on the shorter side, their coat can still be on the fluffy side. Keep them well groomed and hygiene up so their coat stays on the cleaner side, so you can get that ultimate fluff. While this seems like a lot of work, you can easily maintain this grooming at home.

Wild Coat

You can let your pup’s coat be a little longer and wild if you choose. The coat is adorable but still on the shorter side, so it can easily be maintained at home or you can take your dog to a groomer and they can keep your pup’s coat on the shorter side.

Short and Sleek

A standard chihuahua will have a short and sleek coat that is super easy for anyone to maintain. Make sure to note that dogs with shorter coats have an issue with dry skin and can get flakey, so keep an eye out in case they need special shampooing or grooming.

Trimmed Hair

With your longer haired chihuahua you can trim around their ears and neck. That allows them to have a more tamed coat and look that doesn’t take too much time or effort to achieve. It will also help show off your dog’s beautiful coat.

Groomed Ears

Your dog’s hair can be on the longer side but you can still trim their ears and keep the fur well maintained. This will help prevent knots and tangles forming in the longer fur and gives your dog an adorable trimmed face.

Long Fur

Go the longer fur route with your chihuahua and basque in their long, luxurious fur. With a longer furred chihuahua, your dog’s fur could touch the ground, so you might need to groom them a little more. With the longer fur it also takes more maintenance and grooming to keep their hair in good condition.


A thicker coat chihuahua always look adorable and makes you instantly want to cuddle with them. Their fur is on the longer side but not overly long where you have to worry. You can trim around the face and ears for hygiene but they require minimal maintenance if you groom them regularly.


Have fun with your chihuahua’s fur and go with a scruffy look. They look perfect with the scruff look and you’ll never want to stop cuddling and being with them. While they don’t look perfectly groomed, it is still an adorable style for your dog.

Mini Bear

If your dog is on the fluffier side, you can groom them to look like a tiny bear. It takes a little trimming around the face and a good shampoo so their fur is nice and fluffy. The look is adorable and you won’t be able to get enough of your dog with this style.

Short and Sweet

Even if your dog’s coat is on the shorter side, it doesn’t mean you can’t have fun with some accessories. Take the opportunity to show off their fun side with cute necklaces that accent their fur and style.

It might seem unusual for your chihuahua to need grooming but you will be surprised. Even chihuahua’s with the shorter, sleekier coat need to be taken care of and groomed since they have less fur to protect their skin. If you have a chihuahua with a longer coat, then you need to stay on top of brushing so they can be tangle free. Either way, whatever option you choose for your pup will suit them perfectly. A chihuahua is a great dog to get if you’re looking for easy grooming maintenance, a dog that can live almost anywhere due to their size, and a pup that doesn’t demand too much from their owners.

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