You’ll know a maltese when you see one. These small, white dogs are a popular breed and are adorable to look at. Although maltese can have a variety of different hairstyles, the most popular is the longer fur with long ears, it’s one of the ways you can tell what breed you’re looking at. Taking care of a maltese’s coat is important too. Their coats can get extremely long, and if not properly taken care of, it can cause a lot of discomfort for the dog.

While a lot of people are fans of the longer haired maltese, that might not be your style. It does take a lot of time and effort to maintain your maltese’s coat if you go the longer route, and you might want something that is a little easier to do at home. Getting your dog the proper haircut that is easy for the owner to maintain and for the dog to enjoy is vital when owning a maltese, since the dog is on the smaller side.

If you are stuck between wanting your maltese to have long hair or short, take a look at some of our suggestions for hairstyles. With one of these you can’t go wrong when it comes to your adorable looking dog.

Neatly Trimmed

You can keep a little longer fur on your dog but make sure it is neatly trimmed. It keeps the fur away from their face and their ears are nicely cut, making it easier for them to groom themselves but still giving them an adorable look.

Fluffy Head

Keep a little hair on the top of their head so you can accessorize with a bow. This is perfect for showing your dog’s personality but it still keeps them groomed perfectly with just a little spunk. The rest of their body can best be easily trimmed down.

Longer Face

If you like the look of your maltese having a little longer fur, keep their face on the longer side. You can clean up around the eyes, which is important because sometimes maltese get tear stains, and neatly trim the ears and nose. The style looks uniformed and gorgeous and your maltese won’t be losing too much fur.

Short and Sassy

Give yourself a break and let your maltese have a shorter style. This makes grooming and brushing them a lot easier for anyone involved, and your maltese might like the feel of a lighter coat. The benefit is you get to show off your maltese wavy coat a little more and they look like a cute mess.


You could choose the option to keep your pup’s coat on the longer side. This means their entire body, nose,and ears have long fur that can touch the ground. It is a standard look for a maltese but it also takes a lot of grooming to maintain, so be aware.


If you like your dog on the longer side, choose a shaggier look for them. The look isn’t as long as the common maltese haircut but it still gives them a lot of fur and a messier style, not that it’s a bad thing. The shaggy look also gives them a fuller appearance that makes you want to hug them.

Top Knots

Top knots are a cute style for your maltese to wear if their hair is on the longer side. You can add whatever accessories you want and it is a great way to show off their personality. Keep the rest of their body a little fluffier to complete the entire look.

Square Cut

A lot of looks we see on maltese’s are rounded but you can choose a square look instead. It gives their appearance a boxy look and is stunning on male dogs, since you’re less likely to add a bow to their hair. You can even pair the box cut with a bow tie.

Light Trim

You might love the look of your little puff ball, and that’s completely fine. Give your pup a little trim to clean up their ends and let the rest puff out for an adorable look. This also means the nose and eyebrows are on the shorter side, which could work for your dog’s lifestyle.


Grooming your maltese all the time might not work with your budget or schedule, so go for a short look. Your dog will still look beautiful with their shorter mane but it makes grooming them a lot easier, and your dog might even like the shorter look.

Round Face

When taking your pup to the groomers, make sure you detail that you want their face properly trimmed. A round cut gives them an adorable, almost teddy bear like look, that fits perfectly for a maltese and will make everyone’s heads turn.


If you go for a super short look, your dog will have a Yoda appearance. Their ears will have to be trimmed down for the ultimate look but it is a unique look for a maltese that will have a lot of people falling in love with the style you gave them.

Pig Tails

You can give your maltese an adorable look by putting their longer hair in pig tails. Make sure that when this look is done, you don’t hit their ears since that can be painful, but light put some of their longer fur into a little ponytail for a cute, photo worthy style.

Long Face Short Body

Get the best of both styles with a cut that is short in the back but long in the front. Their face and ears stay long and luxurious while the rest of their body is groomed down and short. It takes a little less work to groom this pup and honestly, looks adorable.

Long and Glam

This glam look is a standard hairstyle you would see on a maltese that is being shown. The style is super long, groomed, and sleek, which is adorable but also an intense look to maintain. The style requires a lot of brushing and keeping your dog’s fur clean on debris but in the end it is worth it for a stunning style.

Pop of Color

You can step outside of the box with your maltese’s look and add a little flair to their look. Adding a pup of color via a dog friendly dye is always a fun way to change your dog’s look up and brighten the mood a little bit. It does require some of their fur to be on the longer end though.

Short and Glam

Go for a shorter look on the body and keep your dog’s face a little longer for a glam look. This lets them have room for a little added top know if you want and you can square off their features like the nose and ears for an adorable style.


Sometimes you need to shave your maltese for an easier style, or maybe they just like the shorter cut. This will leave their body pretty bare with fur, but you can keep the tail and face longer if you want. Remember since they are smaller dogs, this cold leave them feeling a little cold, so have a sweater around.

Short and Sweet

Choose a shorter look for your maltese that keeps both the body and face well trimmed. This helps prevent knots and issues with your dog, plus they look great. This isn’t a typical look for a maltese since the ears and nose are trimmed down too but still a great option.

You can’t go wrong when choosing a hairstyle for your maltese. The sky’s the limit for adorable styles that will be Instagram worthy for your pup, the only decision you have to make is what style do you like the best for your dog.

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