When you see a maltipoo you might be wondering what type of dog it is. A maltipoo is actually a combination of two amazing dogs, a maltese and a poodle. These smaller dogs are often gentle, playful, and smart, making them a great breed for just about anyone to have. Due to them being part poodle, they don’t shed as much as a maltese or other standard furry dog. They weigh roughly twenty pounds at their heaviest and are known to be hypoallergenic, which is great for people who have allergies to dogs.

A maltipoo coat is typically on the medium to long side for a smaller breed. Usually the fur is curly or wavy and they can come in just about any color due to being mixed with two separate dogs. Most commonly you will see a white and cream maltipoo around, they’re also the most popular among people wanting a maltipoo. Grooming a maltipoo can be simple too. They aren’t the typical dog you will see in dog competitions, so their fur can be just about any length and look awesome.

If you’re considering getting a maltipoo but don’t know where to start when grooming them, you’re in luck. Here are some of the most popular maltipoo looks that you can gain some inspiration from and find the perfect look for your pup at home.

Rounded Face


Keep your maltipoo’s fur on the shorter side and round out their facial features. This makes their nose and eyes trimmed and rounded, so they look stunning and well kept. Having a rounded face style also keeps their face clear of debris so they can see clearly.

Long Tail


While the rest of their body can be on the shorter side, you can decide to keep your maltipoo’s tail on the longer side. This just gives them more fur to wag around and it looks cute. Make sure to brush it often though so they don’t have to deal with knots.

Super Short


You might not want to deal with any fur at all when it comes to your maltipoo. Go with a shaved look that cuts most of their fur down and leaves them with minimal length. Your pup will still look adorable with this style, it’s just easier to maintain.

Medium Length


Having your maltipoo with medium length fur is gorgeous. This helps fill them out a little and you have curly, long fur to play with. While your dog has a little shaggier of a look, they still look well kept and groomed with medium fur.



Sometimes a scruffy look is what you have to go for with a maltipoo. If you decide to forego grooming, your maltipoo might look a little unhinged. The look is still cute and allows them to have a wild child vibe about them, which we can all respect.



You might like your maltipoo with longer fur. The appeal to a longer coat is the fluff and you can add accessories to their coat if you’re into it. They will need to be groomed more often, especially if you want them to have the fluffier appearance.



A shaggier coat means your dog has medium to longer length hair. It should off the maltipoo wave way better than if they were cut shorter and you can choose to trim their face up so their nose and ears aren’t all over the place.

Long Ears


Trim your maltipoo’s body and face down so their fur is on the shorter side, but keep their ears a little longer. This is a unique look that doesn’t work for everyone but your pup might like the shorter length of their coat and being able to clearly see since their face will also be on the short side.

Bare Face


Sometimes the fur on your maltipoo’s face can be distracting and annoying to them. To make it easier on your dog, you can completely cut their face and nose, so it is a more even look that can help them see and smell better. This will also make it less likely for them not to have food stuck in their fur after eating.

Super Long


So you don’t have to groom your maltipoo if you don’t want to, but if they have more of the maltese breed running through them, you can expect a lot more fur. Some people love this longer fur appearance on their maltipoo though and it can easily work for you as well. Just make sure to give them a good brushing.

Pony Tail


If you decide to keep your maltipoo on the longer side, that means you can play with their fur a little too. Add a little pony tail to their look for a cute appearance and something new for your pup to rock. Remember if you go for a longer look at this breed, they will need to be brushed a little more often to keep their fur clean and tangle free.

Medium and Fluff


You can groom your dog to a medium length and ask them to fluff it out with a brush. This will give them a fluffier appearance that everyone loves. You can also keep their face and ears on the shorter side so everything looks uniform and perfect together.



Some maltipoos come with a curly coat instead of a wavy one. This means you can keep them on the shorter side when it comes to length, but their coat will still look luxurious and soft. Curly maltipoos also shed less but you need to keep them groomed to keep their coating looking nice and curly.

Teddy Bear Features


Keep your maltipoo a little longer and fluffier and trim their face ever so slightly. This can give them a teddy bear appearance, which is especially cute on a teacup maltipoo. Their ears will be a little more squared, as well as their nose, while their body stays a bit on the longer side.

Full Groom


Depending on how you groom your maltipoo, they may not have curly or wavy hair and instead they get a longer, straighter coat. This look is equally as appealing as the curly coats and allows your dog to have even longer fur if that is a look you love. Make sure to trim around their eyes so they can easily see and not get tear stains.

Square Face


Similar to the round face style, you can also choose to cut your dog’s face in a square style. It is another great way to keep their eyes, ears, and nose easily trimmed and maintained but looking gorgeous. This will give off the appearance of a bigger head, which isn’t a bad thing. On top of that you can keep the body a little shorter in length.



With the longer fur you can easily add bows to your dog’s final look. All it takes is a little additional fur on the top of their head to accomplish your goal and your dog will be ready to take the day, looking even more adorable than before.

Trimmed Face


If you don’t want to worry about all the fur around your pup’s face, trim it way down. It keeps their face neat and clean and you can still make out their distinct features and look without the worry of their coat being in the way. You can even match their body coat to their face and keep everything on the shorter side if you want.

Minimal Grooming

When you take your dog to the groomer it doesn’t mean you need to do a radical change. A simple wash and cut could do the perfect job on your dog and you don’t need to trim them too short or do anything too wild if you don’t want to.

Maltipoos are awesome dogs to own. They are simple to have as a pet and when it comes to grooming, they don’t demand a lot. Now you see what options you have when it comes to grooming your maltipoo and they will be ready to take on the groomer.

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