Curly, fluffy haired poodles aren’t hard to miss. These medium size dogs have hair that is so recognizable, you don’t even have to ask what breed they are. Their distinct features make them easy to pick out of a crowd and typically when you get a poodle, their hair is coarse and a little dense. When it comes to owning a poodle, their hairstyle is important. There are so many options that you as an owner can choose from that will match their personality and what you like to see.

With how malleable a poodle’s coat is, you have unlimited options when it comes to grooming them. Sometimes, depending on what you’re looking for in your poodle cut, you might need to get a professional groomer involved because it can be a tricky and daunting task to groom your dog yourself. Groomers are knowledgeable and have a certain skill when it comes to making your pup look even more perfect then they already are.

If you’re considering a poodle, or have one, but need ideas on the perfect style that might match them, read on to see what options you have when grooming your poodle.

Round Face

What more do you need then this adorable round faced poodle. A groomer can easily achieve this style for you, neatly trimming around your poodle’s face and ears to achieve the perfect look. You can choose to keep the rest of their fur on the shorter side if you want.

Pink Flair

Who says you can’t add a little spunk to your pup. Groomers are known for having pet dye that is safe to use on your dog’s fur. This helps their attitude pop out a little more and gives them a unique look that will instantly turn heads the moment you walk into the pet store.

Neat Trim

If you still want your poodle to have some fur to love, opt for a neat trim. It keeps them on the longer side with a lot of fluff, but their coat is well maintained and uniformed so they don’t look like a mess.


Let your poodle’s curls shine, especially on their head. Go a little shorter for the body for an easily maintainable cut but let their noggin and ears shine with curls. You can let your groomer know that you want their face and head to stay a little fuller while trimming the rest of the body down.

Full of Fluff

Sometimes we show our dogs and grooming is important in that case. Go for a full groom, with rounded features and a cool trim on the ears to really make your poodle stand out. Cuts like this take a lot of work and maintain but are well worth it.

Teddy Bear

A popular look for poodles is a teddy bear look. Their face is shaped as you would see a teddy bear’s, while the rest of their body stays on the shorter end. The end result of the cut is really cute and we can see why people love it so much.

Full Dome

Have you ever seen a dog with an afro because your poodle can get one. Keep their face on the longer side and maintain and round the top part of their head for the ultimate look. You can’t help but smile when you see a dog this cute.

Shorter Cut

You can keep your poodle on the shorter end if you want an easier style to maintain. This look still gives your dog some fr to play with but you don’t have to worry about all the additional fur that will take more time to brush and maintain yourself at home.

Polar Bear

Go for a polar bear style for an adorable look on your poodle. The cut will leave your dog’s eyes free of fur but leave everything else full and fluffy, just like a polar bear. While the head might be a little harder to maintain at home, the rest of the body will be easy to groom yourself.

Long Ears and Leg

One popular look for a poodle is the long ears and leg hair. The rest of the body is shaved down, leaving these two features on view for everyone. It gives your dog a boots with the fur look and is also a popular look if you’re showing your dog.

Pink Ears

You can do it all with your poodle if you want. Choose for a fun color to dye their ears and paws for the ultimate look that will help match their personality. Make sure the dye is safe for dogs before choosing to dye your dog.

Half Trim

A lot of people do unique looks for their poodles and this is one of them. Choose a half trim look, where the back end is trimmed and the front is on the longer side. This keeps the feet, ears, and head on the longer side like a standard poodle, but the back end is short.


Have fun with your poodle look and go for a lion mane look. This keeps their face clean of fur but everything around it is full, fluffy, and out of control. It gives your dog a mane appearance like a lion and the rest of their body stays on the medium side.

All Show

This show look might be a little intense for some, but it is a standard for poodles in competitions. The look is very unique and takes a well trained groomer to achieve the look. Depending on what you like, the look is stunning and makes your dog look beautiful.


You can keep your dog on the longer side with their fur and accessorize it with bows. It is a great way to show both your personalities without having to do anything extreme to their fur or the color of their fur. Make sure whatever style you go for keeps their face and eyes clear so they can see and be hygienic.

Long Curls

Really show your poodles curls off with this look. It keeps your dogs fur on the long side and lets poodles naturally curls really shine through. Their face and paws are fur free but everything else is full of fluff and curls.


Step outside the box with your poodle look by adding braids. You can grow their fur out so it is easy to braid and make a little braided crown on the top of their head once you can maintain a braid. The rest of their fur can be on the longer side if you prefer and it goes your dog a special look.


A full chest, fluffy tail, and chic pony tail will give your poodle the ultimate look. Your dog’s fur needs to be on the longer side to achieve this look, but you’ll be happy that you waited out the growth for such an amazing style. Your dog will rock pink tails, with a stunning top knot, and cute tail cut.

Fluff all Over

You can take a different route and not even groom your dog if that’s not your style. Let your dog have their coat run free and do what it wants to do. Make sure to keep it maintained for hygiene reasons and keep their face clear from fur, but besides that, your dog can be a wild child with their fur.


If you want an easier style for the day to day, this is it. Their legs are still long but everything else is kept short and neat, so at home you can easily maintain it and keep your pup clean.

When it comes to a cut for a poodle, there isn’t a wrong style to choose. Poodles have countless options when it comes to their unique looks and it is up to you to decide what works best for you and your dog. Which poodle style was your favorite?

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