Schnauzers are stunning pups that are known for their longer coats. Getting a schnauzer means you’re signing up for a lifetime of grooming your dog and taking care of their fur, even if it is on the shorter side. It is known that schnauzers fur grows fast and some people even enlist their schnauzers into dog shows due to their stunning appearance. Before choosing a haircut for your dog, make sure you take their needs into consideration so they’re comfortable with the decision you make.

Although most schnauzers have long fur, some are born with slightly shorter manes, and that is where choosing the proper haircut is important. If you allow your dogs fur to get too long, it can cause health issues and potential illnesses since they cannot properly groom themselves. If you have a specific vision for your dog’s coat, make sure to talk to your groomer so you can keep your vision in mind while keeping your dog as hygienic and clean as possible.

If you’re unsure as to where to start with your schnauzer’s haircut, don’t worry. Here are some of the most popular cuts you can take into consideration when it comes to your furry little friend.


If your dog’s coat isn’t a big deal to you, go with a short option. It allows your dog to be trimmed way down but it also gives them a hygienic look. The short fur still gives them a fluffy appearance and they’re face is beautiful.

Long Nose

One classic look for a schnauzer is longer fur around the nose. Their face, ears, and body are cleaned up and trimmed and all they’re left with is their own mustache. This look is easy to take care of and looks adorable.


A shaggy look gives your pup hair to still play with but it’s not too short. Their face is longer but still clean and their ears and paws are well trimmed and neat. It is a great option if yu want your dog to have more fur that isn’t too wild.

Medium Length

Go for a medium length cut with your dog for an adorable look. This look is easy to maintain and doesn’t leave your dog’s face or nose hair too long. A medium length will still take a lot of at home maintenance though, between brushing and grooming.

Summer Cut

You might be used to your pup having longer fur, but a summer cut is great for those hotter days. Their fur will be on the shorter side, with the face nicely trimmed. This allows your dog to be cool during the summer and it can grow out again fresh and clean.

Long Legs

You can keep your dogs coat short but their face and legs on the longer end. This is one of the more designer looks for a schnauzer but you don’t have to worry about their entire coat being long, which requires a lot more upkeep and maintenance.


Having a little fun with your dog’s haircut is a great idea. Let your schnauzer’s eyebrows grow out, as well as their nose for a silly but fun look. You can keep the rest of their coat on the shorter end and make sure around their eyes are properly trimmer so they can see clearly.


If you’re worried about the upkeep of your dog’s coat, shave them down. It makes grooming them a lot easier but there also won’t be a lot of fluffy fur. The upside to this cut is how neat their face stays, which is beneficial to the dog.

Long and Short

Having the best of both worlds is possible with your dog’s cut. You can keep their body on the short end, and everything else on the longer and shaggier side. It gives your dog a unique style and look, making them even more adorable.

Rounded Face

If you want to keep your dog’s face on the longer side, you can request special details. This rounded cut is perfect for a schnauzer and makes their appearance more neat and kept. You can keep the rest of the fur longer and shaggy.

Full Fluff

You can go for the ultimate look with fluff legs and a rounded nose. This requires your dog to be trimmed short everywhere except their legs, which are left long and full. Their face is on the longer side but cut in a rounded shape so it is neat and uniformed.


You can keep your dog looking clean and tidy with a simple trim. This allows their face and whole body to have fur that is still on the longer side, but it is kept and free of debris. Making sure the nose and “beard” of the dog is the most tamed is important since food can get caught in their fur.

Uniformed and Fluff

A fluffy schnauzer is adorable and you can get one with the proper cut. Keep the fur on the medium to shorter side and make sure they evenly cut your dog, so all the hair is lined up. A lot of brushing and combing will help obtain the ultimate fluff, even around the face and ears.


Go for the longer route on your schnauzer. This is a classic look for this breed but having a longer coat on your schnauzer means you have to spend a lot more time grooming them and making sure they are properly cared for hygienically. The long fur is stunning on a schnauzer and you can trim it whatever shape you like.

Curl Hair

Some schnauzers have short, curly hair instead of the longer locks. Curly hair can get a little unruly if it’s not groomed properly, so make sure you keep it brushed and maintained. If you like the look of a shaggier coat then a curl hair schnauzer is perfect for you.

Well Groomed

If you’re not showing your dog but you want it to still look good, go for a good groom and trim. Their legs stay a little longer but the rest of their body is short and their face and nose are trimmed short so it stays clean.

Short and Curly

This shorter style still allows your dog’s amazing curl to be featured, without all the wildness. The curl looks stunning but your dog face will still be trimmed and uniformed. If you love to have a little more fur on your dog, this is the look to go for.


One popular and distinct feature of a schnauzer is their beard. This is the long fur around the bottom part of their face that can either grow wild or be trimmed. You can let your schnauzer have a long and luxurious beard while the rest of their coat is very short and tamed, just make sure to clean food off of it after dinner.

Long and Sleek

A common look for a schnauzer is long and sleek. This means all of their fur is on the longer, straighter side and very well maintained. It takes a lot of grooming, brushing, and a good diet to keep their coat healthy and happy but it’s perfect if you want to show your dog and potentially win awards.

Round all Over

If you like the rounded style for your schnauzer face, then go for the style all over. This gives your dog a shaggier look but their fur looks well maintained and groomed. It is especially nice for their face, since it gives them a little teddy bear look which is adorable.

Schnauzers are amazing medium size dogs that make any household instantly happier. These beautiful dogs are known for their gorgeous coats and are prime dogs that are seen at dog beauty shows. While your dog might not be a beauty star, their coats are still important to maintain and take care of if you decide to get an schnauzer of your own.

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