Shih Tzu are smaller dogs with short noses and smaller bodies. The right haircut is important when it comes to a shih tzu because this type of dog is known to overheat or get heat stroke when the weather is on the hotter side. Make sure your dog’s hair isn’t wild and unruly will be vital for their health. In saying that, shih tzu have amazing coats that are gorgeous. While their fur is on the longer side, they aren’t known to shed as much as other dogs.

While their coats are different then other dogs, they still need special attention and grooming. They are prone to get tangles and need a trim around 4-6 weeks to help prevent the knots and tangles they are prone to. When choosing a hairstyle for your shih tzu, you have a variety of options and none of them are a bad idea.

Here are some of the best hairstyles you can choose from when it comes to picking a hairstyle for your shih tzu.

Pig Tails

Have fun with your shih tzu style and give them matching pig tails. Make sure their ears are loose for this style but it shows off their beautiful face that you can keep trimmed and neat. You can also take the opportunity to pull their bangs back to keep their eyes clean and clear.


You can make your dog keep their fur on the longer side for added fluff. This gives them a soft and adorable look, but their fur will need to be groomed a little more often. The top of their head is kept shorter so their eyes are clean and not too much fur is in their face.

Top Knot

If you like keeping your dog’s face on the longer side, you can add a top knot to their style. While it might not be a little they wear everyday, it is something cute to add on whenever you want and it allows them to see.

Mini Style

You can’t go wrong when adding a little pony tail to your dog’s look. It is a simple task when you’re working with a shih tzu and the look is always adorable. Make sure to take the bands out occasionally to help prevent knotting and tangles in their fine fur.


If you’re worried about your dog overheating, go for a short look. This shaves your dog down and keeps their coat on the shorter side. Their ears can stay a little longer but make sure to clear the fur from their eyes and nose too since it tends to bug them if it gets too long.


Going for a longer style means you can add as many accessories to your dog’s look as you want. This means bows and beads which can help show off your pup’s personality a little more and it’s a charming look for them.


Make your dog’s style fun and sassy with a bunch of braids to complete their look. You can place their hair in a ponytail, then add the braids from there. It is a cute and adorable look for your shih tzu that is easy to do yourself.

Rounded Face

Keep your dog well groomed and choose a style with a rounder face. This keeps all the fur around their face neat and trimmed with a uniformed look that will leave your dog feeling happy and clean. It also adds some grooming to the ears so they look polished and great.

Medium Length

If you like the look of longer fur you can go with a medium length style. It still keeps the dogs slightly on the shorter side but you will need to groom and brush them a lot more often than if they were shaved. The look is great for those who want a more standard looking shih tzu.

Competition Groom

Showing your dog, or placing them in a competition, means they have to have a certain style. This is one of the looks a shih tzu is known for when they are in competition. Their fur is long and sleek, usually pulled back in some fashion with accessories and squared feet. It is a lot of work to maintain, but we can all agree it looks amazing.

Square Features

Go for a strong feature on your dog, like a square look. This means the face and ears are squared off, instead of rounded. It looks a little more rugged and harsh then a round face but just as adorable.


Dealing with long fur might not be in your nature and that’s fine. You can go for a way shorter option that is easy to maintain and groom, but will also protect your dog from overheating and getting sick. This look also keeps their face on the shorter side as well with well trimmed ears.


If you want to go long, minus the competition look, it is totally doable. Your dog’s fur will still touch the good and be sleek, but you don’t have to worry about all the fancy accessories or squared off paws if you don’t want to. The look is still a little heaftier to take care of than other looks but is stunning.

Fuller Face

Some like to keep the face of their shih tzu on the fuller side. This is a great look but make sure the nose and eyes are kept clear of fur for health reasons. The fuller face give them a teddy bear look and you can keep the rest of the body a little longer as well so everything is balanced out.


Grooming your dog to perfection might not be a huge priority to you and that’s why the shaggy look works. It gives them enough fur to feel comfortable but not too much there they are overwhelmed. Their eyes and face are clean but everything else is left to be shaggy and cute.

Sass Queen

You can go all out when it comes to your shih tzu look if you want. The grooming and maintenance is a lot but if you get the right team behind you, your dog will have stunning looks and styles all the time. Even the volume on your dog’s fur will be amazing.

Long Face, Short Body

We can all agree that the longer face is meant for a shih tzu and you can try it yourself. Keep their body on the shorter end so you can easily brush them out, but let the face grow a little longer with a mess appearance if you want.

Long Fur, Short Tail

Depending on your dog, you can choose for all their fur to be on the longer side but have minimal length on their tail. It is another look that is popular in showing your dog and you choose what works best for the both of you.

Well Groomer

Go with a standard grooming look for your shih tzu that never fails. Their length is perfect and you can easily see their faces. Your dog will be easily satisfied and content with this style since they will be cleaned, comfortable, and look perfect.

Teddy Bear

You can totally go for a teddy bear style for your dog that will make everyone gasp in appreciation of your dog. The hair stays a little shorter but fluffy and their face is a little fuller where they can still rock a ponytail. The look is perfect especially if your dog is on the smaller side.

Shih Tzu are the perfect dog to have fun with when it comes to their style. You can do a lot of different looks between long and short length and the biggest thing you need to worry about is making sure they don’t overheat. Whatever look you decide will look perfect on your dog once you commit to it.

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