Everyone can agree that Yorkshire Terriers, also known as a Yorkie, have adorable hair cut options. A Yorkie is a smaller breed dog, weighing no more than ten pounds. You can even choose the option to get a teacup Yorkie, meaning they stay almost puppy size for their entire life. As an owner, it is your decision whether you want your little pup to keep their long and luxurious coat, or if you would prefer to trim it down. Depending on what you like, your yorkie can have floor length hair within the first two years of its life. When born, a yorkie has a shorter coat that will eventually grow to be a little longer by a year old, maybe sooner.

When it comes to choosing a hairstyle for your yorkie, you have a lot of options. Their haircut can come in all shapes and sizes, but you also might choose to trim only their face so you can see their stunning eyes. Currently, the most popular haircut for a Yorkie is a shorter cut, but the entire thing is preference and how you like your dog to look. The benefit of keeping your dog’s hair short is the ease in grooming them and you don’t have to worry about them getting tangles or knots.

Owning a Yorkie still means you need to groom them yourself at home though, even if they see a groomer. You will need to brush them a few times a week to keep their coat looking lucious and gorgeous. Here are a few of our favorite Yorkie haircuts that you can consider for your pup.

Medium Length


Going with a medium coat is a fantastic idea. Your pup’s hair won’t look too short but also not long and messy. It allows you to see your dog’s shape and face easily and gives your dog a silky look.

Full Face


Keep the body on the shorter end, but the face a little longer. It will make brushing your Yorkie a lot easier but their face is still adorable with their bangs. Remember to ask the groomer to trim around the ears and nose for you.



Choose to groom your dog’s face with a more square feature. It will help your dog look more polished and smooth, but you can still see all their features. Going with a squared cut still allows your dog to have a medium length to their fur with a little more tame.

Long Features


You could like the long look but not all over. Choose where you want your Yorkie’s long hair to be, like the face and paws, then trim the rest down. It still keeps everything nice and tidy but gives your dog a little uniqueness.

Dog Tail


No one can deny a Yorkie with a ponytail. If you keep your dog’s fur on the longer side, keep it out of their eyes with a pony tail of their own. It will look stylish and cute, but help your dog see better at the same time.



Going with a medium length that is a little shaggy gives your dog a carefree look. You don’t have to worry about the fur getting tangled or knotted but it doesn’t mean your dog is completely shaved down either.



We all know that one Yorkie that has long, stunning hair. The longer hair Yorkie’s are gorgeous but it does take a lot of time to groom and maintain. Make sure to get a good brush for your longer haired pup so you can prevent tangles that can lead to them being shaved down.

Silky Locks


Some Yorkies have better hair than the people that own them. If you decide to go for a long, silky look, make sure your pup is groomed and brushed often. This will leave them with a healthy and shiny coat that everyone will make comments over.

Duo Cut


You can keep the ears and legs long, then shave the rest of the dog. This signature look is stunning on a Yorkie and honestly, makes their face look beautiful. Grooming is less intensive for a look like this since their back fur is short, but pay attention to the tail for knots.



If you love the fluffy, puppy look, keep it. The cut is shaggy and medium length, helping your dog look like a puppy all day long with their fur. You can still add a ponytail to their hair but make sure their eyes and nose are trimmed so they don’t have any seeing issues.

Longer Face


Most Yorkie’s have their faces trimmed back but that doesn’t mean you need to. Having a longer face gives them an adorable look but it still looks uniformed. Ask your groomer to keep their face on the longer side but keep the eyes free from hair.

Uniformed Trim


You might like your Yorkie to look more polished, so go for it. This cut is on the shorter side but still offers a little length. The face and the body match in length but the face, nose, and ears are all polished and sleek.

Full Legs


There are a lot of styles that have your Yorkie with long leg fur and everything else short. It’s a great style to keep your Yorkie looking long but still have a maintainable coat for home grooming. Shave their bodies down but keep that length on the legs.

Long Face


We are accustomed to short faced Yorkies but yours doesn’t need to be. Keep their face hair long, sleek, and polished looking. The rest of their fur can match the face and it creates a styled and adorable look for your pup. You’ll have to brush them often but it will be worth it.

Long Face, Short Body


If you enjoy the longer face style but can’t stand grooming your dog, go for a short body. You still get the adorable look of a long face but the short hair on their body makes their hair more manageable for both you and them. The style looks adorable and you can’t go wrong with it.

Short Style


A shorter style is perfect for anyone who doesn’t have time to groom or brush their dog. It allows their hair to be short and kept, leaving little room for knots and tangles. Your dog might also prefer this in hotter weather since they will feel a bit lighter.

Rounded Face

Instead of going square for their face, ask for a round cut. It fives the ears and face a round style and it keeps the body on the shorter end with length. The cut is just as cute as a square face but the lines aren’t as harsh for your dog.

Oval and Shaggy


Keep your dog’s length at a medium but do an oval cut for the face. It gives their face a little more shape but you don’t have to worry about them being buzzed cut with little fur to place with. It keeps fur on their legs and back but you can still see their stunning face.

Short and Messy


Having a shorter style is easy but you might enjoy the messier look. Ask for your dog’s for to stay on the longer side and just ask for it to be shaped instead of cut. This gives you longer fur that isn’t touching the ground but also isn’t trimmed back too far.

Puffy Face


With a short body and long face, how could you go wrong. This style is adorable for any Yorkie and offers a uniformed look but with longer hair. The medium body hair is manageable but the face has a little more to offer, which gives your pup their adorable features.

As you can see, there are a variety of different styles when it comes to your Yorkie. The cut can be long or short, whatever you prefer and whatever style you choose will look perfect on your Yorkie. The most important thing is to make sure their face hair is trimmed up so they can see and not have to worry about getting their hair stuck in food.

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